When in Doubt Overdress

We all have faced that challenging question “But what do I wear?!!!” .. Especially if it’s a last minute decision, then forget about it. Depending on what type of function we maybe attending, we my end up having to downplay our sense of style just to make it out the door. Also know as the ‘go with what you got’ approach…

In some cases you may have been holding on to something that you’ve been dying to wear, but haven’t had a chance to do so yet. So, today is the day you say “I’m wearing it, and that’s final!” It’s feels good to be decisive sometimes, right? For me, I personally tend “over accessorize” rather than “over dress”, mostly due to the fact that I make most all of my accessories, but also cause sometimes it’s just just some hard to decide, I just want to wear it all!

Most people feel like it not appropriate to “over dress” when deciding what to wear for an outing. Now, where I don’t necessarily agree with strutting around in a full length ball gown to a Sunday backyard BBQ, I could still support the individual’s style choices if this is what they feel most comfortable in and above all, is the best representation of themselves in that moment; then by all means make your bold stance. However, I would just advise to go easy on Uncle Tony’s BBQ wings.

My point is, OWN it. If you choose to style yourself in an unorthodox fashion in at a function wear you know for a fact you will draw an unusual amount of attention, be ready to make conversation. Even if you are not the most sociable person, you might be surprised you at who takes a genuine interest in you just based on how you put yourself together. Of course there can be pros and cons to these encounters, ( you might gain a stalker or two out of it, just sayin) but if you are a person who dares to be different and looks for that recognition, you can use these opportunities to elevate yourself in the eyes of others and help them understand something they make have never seen before.

— Fashion Fades. Style is Eternal.

Style Credits: Kendra Lee
Photo Credits: Michelangelo Photography

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